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Potable warmer Free shipping [P001W001]

Our Selling Price: US$30.00
[Low Stock]
Potable warmer Free shipping
especialy cold this winter pocket size warmer is very essencial and handy
and portable as this is a stick type you can put your it under on sharts and pants
for long time you can hold your body warm..
In japan it is very popular item and they wll use in daily care goods

we will profibit to put direct skin to your body as your damaged lower heat themo
for long and if your skin is weakable plese do not to use this items
so,please note that we will not ressponsible for any claime due skim heat damage

if you keep our advise this itemmake you very nice for your winter life
if you place an lots of order quontity we will quote to you.
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