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Culture and Gift
To Golobal Citizen
Welcome to the LearningTube
We are ready to have website "the LearningTube"
You can learn the japanese culture and languedge and traditional
taste and travel trend and so on.
We are happy if you could drop in our website and enjoy to learn by tube as below

Cultural Background of Our Gifts:

Gift Culture in Japan (Ochugen and Oseibo)
It is customary for Japanese people to send Japanese gifts to their parents and bosses in company. Japanese people from ancient days worship the ancestors. Japanese people gather with relatives and donate the hurtfully gifts to family and relatives. Every summer and New Year, as well as celebrating opportunities such as wedding, Japanese people often exchange Japanese gifts and send gifts to father, mother and bosses in a company to maintain a smooth relationship. 2 gift seasons in Japan, however, are mid July (Ochugen) and Mid December (Oseibo).

Japanese Language and its Peculiar Features
To master Japanese language seems easy but there are plenty of Japanese kanji to learn. Although the rules are not so severe, the character of Japanese language consists of the mixture of Japanese kanji and Japanese hiragana, Japanese katakana and roma-ji. There are a lot of characters in Japanese. Japanese Kanji alone has 3000 characters which are commonly used, Japanese hiragana has 46 and Japanese katakana has the same.
Japanese sentence is also flexible in writing ways, in vertical and in horizontal direction. Also, many words have different ideas, the one pronunciation sometimes has different meanings. The subject of a sentence is sometimes omitted.
In addition, Japanese has complicated honorific expressions.

Japanese Art

Japanese Ikebana is a traditional flower arts in Japan which is arranged by cutting flowers. Japanese Ikebana stimulates the imagination for the signification of big natural stage, which is harmonized by itself.

Sado is a Japanese traditional way of drinking tea. It is a Japanese ceremony cult in which the host sincerely serve the tea to his/her guests. Japanese powder tea is powered into a cup as well as hot water, then stirred to make bubbles. Many Japanese young women master the tea ceremony before the marriage.

Ukiyoe Mouse Pad
Ukiyoe, meaning "floating world picture", is a traditional woodblock print, originated in around Edo-period, between the 17th and the 19th centuries.
Ukiyoe was originally a woodblock print of pornographic pictures in early days, then has become more art pictures reflecting fashions and cultures of those days.
The most common subjects are the scene from theater and portraits of a famous beauties, as well as Japanese actors/actresses, sumo wrestlers, in addition to historical themes and landscapes, birds and flowers.
The world famous artists of Ukiyoe are Utamaro, Hokusai and Sharaku.

Japanese Traditional Theater Dramas
Japanese theater drama has a long history. Old traditions have been succeeded to new generations with original ways and new cultures have been added to the old ones, thus the various kinds of dramas and entertainments existed in Japan these days.
Noh is the oldest drama style in Japan from ancient times and it has been popular and supported among Japanese bushi, samurai warrior.
Kabuki is a like musical and dancing drama . The roles of female characters are played by men. Actors change the costumes frequently and the audience are usually amazed with sudden changes.
Bunraku is a traditional form of puppet theater show where 3 persons handle the one puppet on the stage.

Bushido is the moral thing of the samurai class based on Confucian ideas with absolute loyalty. The strongest point is on prevailing over others but it does not mean simply wining over others by physical force, but bushido is encouraged to pursue spiritual training

Japanese Gift
Japanese Doll

Japanese Hakata Doll is well-known in Japan and the world. Hakata Doll is made from the clay, treating with heat, and the colors added at last.

Japanese Kokesi Doll is a wooden made doll, which is made with rokuro (rotating tool ) and is formed into the cylinder shape, then added 3 colors, red, yellow and blue.

Daruma Doll  (Wish Ball)
Daruma has its origin in Bodhidharma, a Buddihist monk from South India in the 5-6th centuries, and created as a doll in Japan in Edo-period, between 17th and 19th centuries.
Now Daruma Doll in Japan, is a symbol of luck. Because of its round shape, it rises up immediately it falls, thus, it is believed it brings us a good luck.
When we make a wish, we put one eye, and when wish has realized, another eye is put.
Daruma Doll is commonly used in Japan at opportunities such as elections, business establishment and school entrance exams.

Japanese Sword Katana

For characteristic production of katana the carbon steel have been made in the heat treatment
hardening temper and forged with hammer and in toughness by many times.katana mister make a sharp blade.

Sensu - Japanese Fan
Japanese Sensu, a folding fan is invented as an air cooling fan, then became tool used for a traditional Japanese dancing as well as Japanese ritual.

Japanese Bonsai is originally developed in Japan as an artistic plant and gardening figures, which utilize the vital power of plant in ceramic pod.
Japanese Kimono

Kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. Japanese Kimono is also now popular as formal clothing. The kimonos worn by Japanese women are well known abroad for the beauty. Most gorgeous one is the uchikake in which the silk fabric is embroidered with gold and silver threads into pattern of flowers or birds, worn at special occasion such as a wedding ceremony. The easy kimono to put on is called,"yukata". Japanese people usually wear it in summer time.

Japanese Nobori is originally used as a flag to acknowledge the enemy in samurai battle field in old Japan, and now Japanese Nobori is used for an advertisement, like a banner.

Ceramic Ware
The most popluar Japanese ceramic ware are kutaniyaki, aritayaki and kiyomizuyaki.
There are many traditional potteries in country areas in Japan, where highly skilled ceramic artists create beautiful pieces.

Japanese Kite

Japanese kite (wadako) was originally used as a signal object which indicates the location of supporters in age of the warring stages. The kite is now used as a gift. Typically Japaense kites features ukiyoe in colorful paint in Edo style.

Japanese Lacquer Ware (Urushi)
Japanese Lacquer Ware (Urushi) is artistically crafted with a lacquer finish. Japanese Lacquer (Urushi) is the viscous liquid excluded from the bark of the lacquer tree. Japanese Lacquer is applied on the surface of the ware for several times, to create several layers.

About Yumeji Takehisa


Yumeji Takehisa was born in Okayama after Meiji restoration contributed to the Japanese modern arts. He is well known as a pioneer of modern Japanese arts, showing his talents at the fields such as graphic designing, illustration, poet and Ukiyoe painting.
He felt uneasy with the destruction of Japanese original and unique culture after Meiji restoration, which has drastically westernized the old Japanese culture. Thus, he devoted himself to keep Japanese traditional and unique own culture with his works.
In recent days, many fans are still visiting his memorial institution at the foot of Mt Haruna, Gunma Prefecture (100km north from Tokyo) to see and recollect a romantic Taisho -period's memories through his works.

About Japanese Kanji Character
Japanese Kanji characters are originated in China, and come to Japan around the 5th century.
Each Kanji character represents several meanings, and commonly pronounced in several ways depending on the conbination and context.
Now many Kanji characters are different from the original ones from China, most of them have different pronunciation from Chinese ones, and some of those characters are simplified to be used in Japan. However, the meanings of each Kanji still remains the same as those in China, so most Japanese people can guess some Chinese words when they are written, even though they can not speak or listen.
There are around 50,000 Kanji characters. 1945 of them are defined as "common used Kanji" and 1006 of them are learned at elementary school.

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The main attraction of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is the magnificent scenery of the Tateyama Mountain Range, part of the Chubu Sangaku National Park. The up to 20 meter high snow corridor is a highlight during spring

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