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The crises of 17 years old in Japan
For human being in order to keep the status between right edge and left edge.
it is hard to take the such a status liks a the middle or balancing zone what we call viscoelastic body.that is means.it is storong and stiffnes and absorption of stress.
At present many children may be sufferd by the statsu which is forced the only surfacee of strongness, however its inside is a brittle interms of spiritual things.
To much sadness they are very week body inside and sicological views against drastic change and stress.they do not have the roll to have the absorption of stress .therefore, rappidly their mental and body inside is endangerded and devastate by themselves and happened out of controll.
Nextly what syall we do for the bad situation .

to be continued.
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as I said to you the screw is also a like a human body .
the viscoelastic body's statsu is a harmonized stats between storng,stiffness and week,frajile.
the status of human body around 17 yaers old surface of body looks strong but inside
is a like week by stress.whatI mean lacking of elasticy.

to be continued
Why did such a zone involve in sadness crime in Japan.
I have said to you so much stress of univesity entrance exam and an bias of university graduation status in top ranking in Japan.
from infant days to 17 years above the enviroment of competition would forse students to blow stolongly with so much stress in terms of mental and phsical.
please imagine such as the screww making prosess.in order to make screw bolts and nuts.after forming the shape of screw.this wiil be put into chamber in heat treatment.at first the screws will be heated in chamber in around 800℃.
what we call this prosess is a temmper prosess . it means purpose of prosess is that screw outside can be harder and stiffness.hoeever inside is frajile and indurable
after that heated the screws will be transfered to the midium range heat chamber 400℃what we call the temper return.this purpose is inside status make more erastic status.from sequence prosessing from 800 to 400 is named harmonized inside quoloty.
I mean by doing so in this prosess inside status of the screw rebirth the stifness and erastisy.more in detai we call the viscoerstic body from above prosess.

to be continued
In decade,youth crime happened drastically, especially age of 17 years old in senior high school students.such as crime of murder,shoplift, bully ,intimidate
to others,steal and so on .why such happened steeply student of specifiede age in 60 years after post war.
In Germany primary school they decide to their possible future as mister
system traditionally existed.on the other side in Japan second year of senior high
school around 17 years old student have to decide to teir future which corse student select direction of for example engineers which related mathematics or sales person ,lowers which related the cultures and literature course for university entrance exam in too much competition.
next time I will explain their mind situation of young generation why 17 years old
student involved the youth crime next time.
As for Japanese pension system , we are to some extent afraid of Japanese future .because as you know the world stock market extremely bogged down and Japanese government of social insurance agency invested so much money into world stock market from pension systems and so recently stock market steeply got down and responded quickly about a under surface of appearance of huge amount of lose and it seems the pension system's workability may collapse and it will may not be activated in near future.thus pension receiver qualification of age condition will may be raised up over 65years old age or more up from quoted Japanese TV news show.
Japanes economy is still stagnant due to of defration spiral
So that people are driven to like the suffocated spaces in entire soceiety.
In order to brake from the bad situation and cheer up all the global citizens
from such a atomosfire
So. we will present you the AKB48 Fortune Cookie in Love.
this song is becoming grately popular involving all over the world
our shop name is Pax Global which means world peace so that we will dedicate to
the vivid japanese peple and world citizen dancing all together with
you the Fortune Cookie in Love from Japan
Please dance together with Fortune Cookie in Love for world peace as you like
I visited arounf Mt Fuji with my family which is very famouse spot.
we will welcome Japan beaty
Everybody has a dream and success to come to make our life better .
What is our final goal to be happy in our daily life.
it looks it is so harder.we have a lots of effort to get the goal.
I believe that every body has a same ability and capability and same chance given.
but, some are happy and some are sad.

in order to come true the dream and purpose Who will have a detail image
and concrete drawings and sketches and pictures and photos which you come to close
to our dreams.
you are at the level of getting the success.but we did not although we get the success as we come to close the window of gate .
We have to crystallize the image that you get success and achieve the goal.
visualization is very important for us.?
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